The dutch championship – Breda

When we finished out last game in the second league meet, we didn’t know if we qualified for the dutch championship. We hadn’t scored a lot of point in the first league meet, the second league meet went better. There was still a change we would qualify for the dutch chanpionship. When all the scores were finalized we placed 22st. This was high enough to qualify for the dutch championship. This championship was held on february the 8th in Breda.

Putting our stuf in the pit

We we arived at the championship we were assigned a place in the pit. Here we put down out robot and robot parts, then we prepared for the robot and field inspections.

Robot and field inspection

Our robot passed the field inspection without any problems. The robot inspection also went well, they said we needed bigger cables to our accus but we could still participate.

The matches

The matches went very well. We won a lot of matches and scored a lot of points. After we played our last match we went from the 22th place to the 7th.

When the half finals started, the teams in the top 4 had to choose another team as a teammate for the next games. Unfortunately none of the teams choose us to be our teammate. This means we finished 7th place.

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