League Meet 2 – Veghel

For the second League Meet in Veghel, we had one month to develop a new robot. We already had some designs for a sheet metal drive train, but with the lessons learned from The Hague, we made

some improvements:

  • 3D printed pulleys that connect to Tetrix axle and motor hubs. transferred via the small diameter axles.
  • Integrate the pulley for the wheels in the hubs. Then there is no torque that needs to be
  • Roller intake to grab stones without turning them on their side and spoil the game for other
  • robots (touch it – own it)
  • A mechanism to drop the capstone on the foundation Autonomous program to move the foundation

We completely designed our robot in SOLIDWORKS XDesign, the new cloud based CAD in the 3DEXperience Platform. We imported parts from websites of Pitco, Reve and Andymark and design many of our own parts for sheet metal and 3D Printing.First we improved the transmission design for the timing belts. Then we finished the design of the sheet metal base. It is inspired by the “Tile Runner” chassis that can be ordered with Andymark. After the design for the sheet metal base was ready, we sent the 3D files to VDL systems in Uden. VDL systems offered to help us with the parts and invited us in their factory after hours. We could observe the process of laser cutting, deburring and bending of the parts. The machine operators were very kind and took a lot of time to explain the process and made us do some calculation on the bending process. They also pointed out some minor mistakes we made in the design, but they were not dramatic for the function in the robot. Also, we had to do a lot of 3D printing of parts to complete the drive train. Furthermore, we have added two levers, operated by servos, to manipulate the foundation. Also we added a holder for the capstone that is able to drop the capstone on the foundation in end game. In the right picture above, also the intake wheels are visible. With this intake, we can grab a stone securely and move it with the robot to another position on the field. We cannot stack stones. We also designed a driver station, made from Tetrix C-channels and 3D printed phone and gamepad holders. As a finishing touch, we redesigned the sponsor plates and added numbers according to the rules in the game manual. This resulted in a very nice looking robot, of which we are very proud.

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