League Meet 1 – The Hague

Due to the delays in delivery and a longer learning curve, we were running out of time for the first league meet. We decided to participate with an upgraded version of our prototype. We opted for a lift mechanism that looked like a single-arm crane. The gripper was a plate and a servo-driven arm that pushed the stone against the plate. At first, we tried to lift the arm with gears, but it turned out to bring too large forces on the robot. We tried some updates on the way we mounted the arm on the robot, but it did not work out at the end. Also we could not control the speed enough to make it work in the game. Right before (and during) the League Meet in The Hague, we made a change to lift the arm using a rope and winch. We also used 3D printed alliance markers on the robot that can easily be switched between red and blue. In programming, we were able to move the robot, lift and grab a stone an park in autonomous.

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